Real SUP owner reviews

Does it seem like most of the SUP reviews you read are fake - either written by a russian bot, or  by a marketing executive?  Does every board seem to have five star reviews - and are "the best board ever", "a killer of a board", without any bad reviews?

Do you feel the reviews don't reflect your opinions as a real SUP owner?

Have you found the perfect bit of SUP gear that you want others to benefit from?

Have you got instant buyers regret and you want others not to make the same mistake?

Here's your opportunity to get your name in print and help others.  We promise to read every completed form and publish the most informative and maybe ones that make us laugh or cry as articles on SUPhubUK. We will remove all personal details from any review we publish and in the event that we get a lot of reviews for one item we will summarise the results and include the number of reviews.

Each and every review submitted will be published in full (with personal details removed) as a part of a monthly publication of all reviews received that month (1).

(1)  Any reviews that contain offensive or inappropriate content will be edited, or might not be published at all.

(2) This link is a link to a google form. If you don't want to be part of the google ecosystem, you can email your reviews direct to

Please note. SUPhubUK cannot be help responsible for the views or opinions expressed in the reviews - because, after all, they are SUP owners honest opinions, not ours!