Naish | Air Maliko 14′ | 2019

eg. Ride 10'6 Maliko 14 air
eg. 2018 2019
Product type iSUP
Value for money So so
eg. Red Paddle Co Naish
eg. 2019 2019
£895 £1349
e.g £895 £1340
Would you buy this product again? Yes - but I'd make small changes
The good...? Really stiff - awesome glide
The bad...? It's pretty heavy
The indifferent...?
Where did you buy from? SUPco - see URL
New or second hand New
Customer service SUPco are the best!
Use this space to tell us more The first time Naish have made a board worth buying. And it really is well thought out
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How much experience have you got? Been paddling for a fair few years, and class myself as advanced
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