Paddling 300km in 5 days? Who’s that insane?

When team SUPhubUK heard that four slightly insane individuals were looking to SUP 300km in 5 days, we just knew we had to find out more. So we got talking to them to find out what lies beneath this rather insane challenge

Q. How did you initially get into paddle boarding and how long have you been paddling for ? 


I bought my wife a budget board for her birthday we took it out to Kynance cove, she was kind enough to let me have a little paddle. Although I was a little wobbly and spent most my paddle on my knees I did sit there for a moment and look back at the packed tourist filled beach, I just appreciated the quiet and the space the paddle board gave me .


For my very first experience, I hired a board down in Perranporth, Cornwall. Getting on the board felt so good and I found it fairly easy to balance and usually sports like this I find difficult . This made me feel good as Dan was struggling and usually he gets things first time! #healthy competition. As I was out paddling a thick sea mist came in with the tide. It was a little scary, but also very memorable.


I completely fell into the sport by accident. My first time on a board was back in November after we had come up the challenge.


To be honest I’d never really thought of doing paddle boarding until we came up with the challenge idea , but since the first time on my board in November its all I’ve wanted to do. I’m now completely hooked and can’t look at a section of water in the same way. 

Q. What was the spark that made you take on a sup challenge of this magnitude? 

Q. What was the spark that made you take on a sup challenge of this magnitude?


The spark hmmmm the moment I lost my mind I think 


The opportunity to spend 5 days on a river in nature and peace


Living life with 22q is going to be a challenge for Jacob so wanted to do an event that really pushed us physically but also something out of the ordinary that will hopefully raise awareness and probably eyebrows 


I’ve always wanted to do some thing for max appeal charity, to raise awareness of 22q & the challenges Jacob may face. It had to be a challenge that would really push me & take me out of my comfort zone. When Tracy came up with the idea it really intrigued me.

Q. Any regrets ? 


None at all! I’m getting to spend quality time with my family whilst raising awareness for a charity close to our hearts.


No regrets at all just enjoying the training and looking forward to crossing the finish line as a team. 


No regrets so far, I’m really enjoying the training. 


I choose to live life without regrets and decisions I make at the time , must have been made for some reason. 

Q. Who is your support team and how are they important ?

Our support team on the day is a top bloke nick nak the lumber jack (step dad)  he’s going to be transporting us at the end of our long days back to the accommodation and keeping our kit and we’ll packed and if we’re lucky he might even do a little cooking at night.

Grandparents #babysitters so that we have actually got time to do the challenge.

Our sponsors for supporting us financially and providing equipment: 

Composite doors 2 you


Sup in a bag

Anyone who is sharing and supporting our story, that really keeps us all focused.

Not to forget the dogs, Breeze and Tess, making sure we get out and about

Q. What’s the charity and why is it so important to you? 

The charity is MaxAppeal. They are a charity that support families who are effected by a chromosomal disorder known as  22q11 deletion syndrome (22q for short) such as mine and Vicki’s son Jacob.

We found out about Jacob’s diagnosis at Vicki’s 20 week scan, it was a massive shock at the time but with the support and information provided MaxAppeal it really helped us as a family.

One of the things that really surprised us was the lack of awareness and knowledge there was about 22q especially by health care professionals. So we now want to help MaxAppeal and families such as ours by raising funds to support the great work by all the team at MaxAppeal whilst also raising awareness of 22q.

Q. When are you planning to attempt this and why at this time?

Starting the 24th of August and finishing in the shortest time possible. Truth is kids have school and we have to do it in the summer holidays, which is great weather wise (hopefully) but we do hope the river is running and it’s not overly busy. Ben is also in the army and time away from work has to be planned 

Q. Why 300k? Where from and to where? Why did you choose that route? 

Ben mentioned a while back that he would love to do a 300 challenge for charity,  Tracy had just found her love for sup , so when Dan lost his mind he put the two together job done.

In all honesty, we did initially think of doing 300 miles but then we came to our senses and changed it to 300k! After all, it’s our first sup challenge and we have limited with young kids! Maybe next year for the 300 mile 🙂 

Q. What’s the route, and why did you choose that route? 

We are going to be paddling a stretch of the river Wye from Hereford to Symonds yat, this stretch is 45 miles so we will do the same stretch for 4 days then the 5th day we just have 6 mile stretch to finish our challenge 300k (186 mile) 
Dan and Tracy have done this route and feel it’s a nice stretch for our first challenge with lots of spots where our support man can get to us if needed

Q. If you were planning a challenge again would you do anything different? 

Can we answer this question in a second interview after our challenge, see how we feel after 300k?

Ed – it’s a deal. We expect you back for that second interview 😉

Q. What’s the biggest challenge for your so far? 


The biggest challenge so far for me has been the promotion side of things using Facebook and Instagram trying to get sponsors.

ED – yep – we understand that – getting sponsors is hard, and facebook and Insta are a whole different world when you actually want to use them for promotion rather than just keeping up with friends!


The dieting and trying to stop eating cake. Getting healthy is hard work!


My biggest challenge has been finding the ideal training location and then timing the tides. I always seem to end up paddling with the tide going out and an offshore wind, which is awesome to start but a nightmare getting back to the shore. 


My biggest challenge was over coming my fear of water. I also had the challenge of improving my personal fitness.

Ed – wow – this is a challenge and a half for someone who is scared of water. Looking forward to checking back in with you after the challenge to see if it’s helped or hindered!

Q. Tell us about the training? 


My training has been lots of running trying to improve my endurance, I’m also a plasterer in the day so I’m lucky really that my job keeps me fairly fit and just getting out on the water we live in Cornwall so we have been doing some beautiful training paddles and just the other day we turned up at a seal pupping beach unaware so yeah we’re seeing Cornwall in its full glory from the sea.


I’ve had a good bit of experience already on the river Wye and I’m also out and about in Cornwall when the weather allows , Amanda from sup in a bag has been a massive help too with her expert advice on paddling techniques. Lots of big walks and lots of running too, park run has been Life Changing too, giving me focus to run. Insanity and t25 living room exercise dvds 


I’m fortunate as my Job requires me to stay physically fit so my training regime is very well rounded with a good mixture of cardio and strength training. However, since announcing the challenge I’ve made more of an effort to push my self more. I take every opportunity the British weather allows to hit the water. When the weather does hinder paddle training I either run or do some HIT circuits at home with the TRX bands and kettle bells. 


I have an amazing personal trainer who has really motivates me to hit my goals. I have lost a stone in 4 weeks & continually improving my fitness. I am also having 1-1 sup training with the new forest paddle boarding company to get me in shape & improve my techniques for the challenge.

Q. How do you motivate yourselves in the cold dark winter morning and nights? 


I my get motivation from anyone who believes in us. Followers’ comments shares and likes are also really motivating.


I’ve got an awesome personal trainer. His name is breeze (a dog) and the barking in the morning and fear that he’s going to crap on the floor motivates me up out of bed. Of course, the beautiful beach where we live and the amazing skies also help me out.


Motivation comes from a want to succeed and raise as much awareness for max appeal as possible. It also really helps knowing how much support we have received so far. 


Motivation is always difficult but having personal trainer twice a week to keep me on track helps. Motivation also comes from my drive to want to raise awareness and reach our target. Messages of support from people really spur me on as well.

Q. Do you take inspiration from anyone? 

We all take inspiration from each other, we are all supportive people and were making a great team, Tracy is inspiring for how disciplined she is with her routine , Ben is inspiring for how much effort he puts into training, Vicky is inspiring because she will not give in and I’m inspiring because I’m me 🙂

Q. What will success look like?

As long as we’ve raised awareness for our chosen charity and we all complete the 300k that is our win plus a nice cold beer at the end would also look like success.

Q. What’s been the thing that’s made you smile most so far? 

Dan and Tracy we were on a training day singing our hearts out alone in a cove sat on our boards we can’t sing but we did sing because no could hear 
Everytime we are supported we smile as equally as the last 

Q. Are you getting much support from the wider sup industry? 

Yes Amanda from sup in a bag has supported us all the way , tips training advice taking us on paddles, and even doing a santa sup for us at Christmas. 
Quroc have provided us with a massive donation straight into the charity and provided us with an awesome touring board, they also follow and like our Instagram page which is a massive help to our cause 

And whenever we meet paddlers they’re always keen to sponsor.

Q. What can people do to support? 

People can follow like and share our Instagram page and our face book, there are links on the pages to the just giving page for the charity too But honestly likes shares and good luck wishes are all amazing too #sup300 .

Q. Anything else you want to tell the world?

This challenge has been a journey for us all mentally and physically we want to prove that ordinary people can achieve great things.

Q. Thanks to….

Mathew O’Loughlin (composite doors 2 you) for his massive donation and helping us on this journey. 

Amanda at Sup-in-a-bag for her ongoing support and advice.

Quroc for their donations and awesome equipment for keeping us in the water. 

Every one who has donated, shared, liked and is following our story 

Nick Nak the lumber jack for taking the time to support us down the river 

Mums – got to thank the mums just because they’re mum’s XX

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  1. I can’t say it enough, what an awesome group of dedicated people this is. I’m exceptionally proud to support in any way I can. Dan, Tracy, Ben and Vicki are taking on such a huge challenge, juggling family and work, always with a smile on their faces. Raising awareness of the 22q11 deletion syndrome and raising monies for Max Appeal. Truly inspiring.

    Please support them in any way you can, it really means something.

    Amanda – Owner SUP in a Bag

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