SUP industry marketing spin and hype.

Sometimes it’s hard to pick your way through all the marketing jargon and actually find hard facts when researching stand up paddle boarding. At time of writing there’s a bunch of newly launched products from big brands shouting about their revolutionary new technology within the inflatable market. Apparently, radical new hull shapes are at the forefront of iSUP design and set to up your paddling game no end. The fact is this displacement feature is nothing new, and has actually been integrated by two other smaller SUP brands a few years back. This seems to have slipped through the cracks and been forgotten, however.

Yet punters will step up, part with their hard earned cash because they think they’re getting something new, premium and exclusive. When that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Inflatable stand up paddle boarding companies are definitely at the more cutthroat end of SUP because of air board popularity, which far outsell their hard shell counterparts. With many paddlers being new to the sport we appreciate finding the right product info and sifting through the ‘noise’ is hard. Yet sift you should, if you want to discover what’s really going on… You might also find the premium manufacturing technology that’s pricking your interest is available for a much lesser cost via a less sizable brand. Either way you’ll suddenly have a choice in which way to spend your readies.

To be fair it’s not just the SUP industry which suffers from marketing spin. It’s every and any area of life that deals with selling. You as the consumer just need to be as informed as possible, that way you’ll be safe in the knowledge you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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