The ‘BEST iSUP’ fallacy – Pumped Up SUP’s spot on SUP buyers article.

As Pumped Up SUP‘s article rightfully explains there are a whole host of methods stand up paddle board brands can make use of (if they know how) to get their ‘BEST inflatable SUP’ products in front of you, the buyer.

We should add not all companies who retail SUP equipment are dodgy. But some are! Unfortunately, there’s a good number that just wants your hard earned Dollar. They don’t care about your experience, enjoyment and follow on stand up paddle board journey. And if something goes wrong then you’re not that likely to get applicable after-sales care or treatment. We know this from hearing countless stories over the last few years but in particular 2020 where SUP saw (and continues to enjoy) a surge in popularity.

The fact is: cheap SUPs are cheap SUPs. No two ways about it. Budget equipment is very different, with this gear often still being decent quality. Anyway, we’ll not go deeper into this, instead we’ll let the Pumped UP SUP guys explain further. Hit the following link to read the article –

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