Where to paddle your SUP – why travelling for stand up paddle boarding is a good thing.

Whilst many will paddle their local stretch of water for all time a good proportion of SUPers will fancy a change once in a while. After all, rejuvenating your experience by immersing yourself in a new environment is good for the soul as well as your stand up paddle boarding overall.

When we talk about SUP travel we’re not even thinking about jumping on a jet plane and getting gone overseas. Fair simpler is to head across towards that next river tributary or poke you paddle around the next headland to discover a different beach. Sometimes even in the same locale you can discover wildly different paddling conditions that may either challenge, broaden your SUP horizons or a combination.

It’s tricky travelling abroad in 2020 with COVID in the mix. Yet domestic excursions are very much doable. We’ve heard a few SUPers this year have rediscovered their own backyard and have a sense of reinvigoration for paddling a mere stone’s throw from their humble abodes.

Whatever type of stand up paddle boarding you’re after there’s something to suit on home waters. All you need to do is have a scan of a map, do some digging online and who knows what you’ll find. If you need a kickstarter then head across to this handy bitesize SUP guide that has new locations being added all the while.

Happy hunting!

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