Why wearing the right kind of SUP leash can literally be a lifesaver.

It’s sad hearing of accidents happening to stand up paddle boarders – especially those that result in fatalities. Simply indulging in a usually smile inducing, ‘happy’ activity should be how things remain, rather than ending in tragedy.

The BBC reported today (Sept 1, 2020) about the death of a stand up paddle boarder who got into difficulties whilst paddling in the Camel Estuary, Rock, Cornwall. The news item states how the rider fell and became tangled in boat moorings with fast flowing tidal water pulling the rider against tetherings and trapping him. Due to the tide’s speed the man couldn’t free himself. Despite best efforts he was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Full BBC news item here.

Quick release waist leashes provide an efficient way of staying attached to your SUP board but allow paddlers to pull the buckle and free themselves should they become tangled. Originally these were billed as the best leash to wear in rivers but more and more they serve a purpose in tidal waters.

McConks SUP offer two different types of waist leash: the HYF SUP Buddy and HF Synergy. Both these waist belt leash systems are efficient and will serve paddlers well across multiple scenarios. Other brands that stock waist belt leashes are Palm Equipment and Standup Panda to name two.

If you’re stand up paddling you should really be wearing a leash. But the type of leash you wear needs careful consideration. For advice regarding SUP leashes get in touch here.

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