Alternative (fun) things you can do with your stand up paddle board.

You may think you know what’s coming with the article’s title such as it is. But we’re talking: ‘go SUP racing’, ‘charge some white water rapids’ or ‘hit your local wave venue for a spot of SUP surfing action’. Nope, we’re going slightly out of the box for these suggestions. So read on if you fancy layering some additional SUP fun to your summer frolics this season.

SUP boxing.

Got a score to settle? (In a friendly, bants kind of way we hasten top add!). Then why not turn your stand up paddle board into a floating boxing platform? Don the gloves, wear the shorts, stick the head gear and be sure to take it in the spirit it’s meant… The champion of champions WILL be crowned!

Arguably this is a lot easier with a Mega SUP or similar but on flat, calm water you can probably get away with it.

SUP Pugil Sticks (jousting).

Notching things up from the above you can grab yourself some Pugil Sticks and indulge in a spot of SUP jousting. Yep, it’s a thing and has been done many times in the past – mostly for the lols.

There’s no question it’s fun though. As with SUP boxing make sure you’re safety aspects are covered off.

SUP picnic table.

Bringing things back to a more mellow vibe… If you’re one(s) for trecking off into the wilderness, even if only for a few shot hours, be sure to take a picnic as your stand up paddle board doubles as an awesome floating picnic table.

Perfect family picnics with yoru SUP as the table!

Even if you’re not Bear Gryllsing it, and just heading for a float with the family, make sure you cart those lunch goodies along for a family nosh up at the halfway point.

Get a tow!

If you know someone who has a boat then convincing them to give you a tow’s worth its weight in gold. A bit like kneeboarding lite being hauled along the water atop your SUP, even if only at a modest speed, is completely grin inducing.

And for those who can stand then SUP towing is almost a precursor to wakeboarding proper – if this is something you fancy having a bash at.

Bungee SUP.

Clipping a length of bungee to a fixed object and using its taught recoil to ping you across the water is a cracking laugh. And for those who have a hybrid SUP, where you can attach a hydrofoil, the bungee SUP foiling is also a thing.

Sup bungee is definitely one to try if you can’t get access to a boat, as per above.
Did he make it though? SUP bungee fails are frequent…

SUP golf.

To be honest you could adapt this to any ball hitting game you wish. But for SUP golf all that’s needed is your trusty nine iron (or whatever club you prefer), a few golf balls and a watery space open enough for you to send a few down the fairway… Or should that be waterway?

We’re keen to see any pics of SUP golf in action. Same with SUP cricket or badminton, tennis, the list goes on…

There are plenty of ways to get creative with your stand up paddle boarding gear this summer. SUP doesn’t just have to be about smashing the miles and covering distance. It can be much more fun than just that alone.

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