Dry robe, change robe buying advice for stand up paddle boarders.

Dry robes are all the rage and have been for a while. There’s plenty of merit in stand up paddlers owning a change robe. They help keep you warm in cooler air temperatures, help protect your modesty whilst getting changed at the beach and (in some cases) provide water and weatherproof covering for when you’re out and about in adverse conditions. In fact, some wearers have taken the owning of dry robes to the extreme and now use them as everyday coats/jackets to be worn about town. We’re not sure about this last point but each to their own…

As autumn heads towards winter there’s now more than ever incentive to get hold of and own applicable stand up paddle boarding accessories such as a change robe. If you’re planning on paddling right through the off season, and don’t own a convenient vehicle for changing inside then a dry robe or change robe is an essential must have.

The classic Dryrobe change robe.

Keeping you snuggly warm and moisture free whilst getting set up or packing down can see these SUP accessories worth their weight in gold. But with the market full of various types of change robes where do you begin?

Conveniently this article, which discusses dry robes as a Christmas present idea (but also works as a general change robe piece) gives some helpful insight and opinion on a bunch of brands producing said attire. If you’re in the market for a change robe then it’s worth taking a look and clicking on some of the additional post links to further your understanding of changing robes.

You can find the article here –

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