SUP safety: knowledge is power.

SUP safety is as much a knowledge and education thing as it is hands on experience. The more we know, the more we understand, the more we can put this into practice on the water. One such area of knowledge that any paddler needs to have on lock is spotting potential SUP hazards…

SUP hazards.

Stand up paddle boarding hazards can be absolutely anything. Anything and everything that can knock you off your stride (or should that be board?). Cause you your equipment harm. And potentially ensure a SUP session goes drastically awry.

It doesn’t matter whether you frequent inland waters, coastal stand up paddle boarding locations or a combination. Every put in will have something you need to be aware of. Of require you to interpret things like weather forecasts and tidal data for said spot.

SUP safety: knowledge is power.
A tranquil and serene river SUP spot…Or is it?

Learn it.

There’s a raft of information available to all paddlers. Some will be online, more experienced riders may be able to impart essential info. Or you can hit up qualified professionals. Bottom line is you need to learn it.

Any long in the tooth SUPers will have put his or her time in. Whilst some may groan at the thought of a recreational hobby becoming academia, it’s teh only way to aid improvement. Learning paddle skills is one thing but this needs to be backed up by mental know how.

SUP safety: knowledge is power.
Checking your SUP route out beforehand can be wise.

Stand up paddle boarding safety.

SUP safety is paramount as more and more riders come into the fold. It’s been widely reported that many don’t have previous watersports experience. Learning all you can is therefore good practice.

Here at SUPHub UK we and our partner brands try to educate. It’s tricky not to patronise. We and others only mean well. Hopefully, SUP has inspired you to progress and push on. If so, and you want to learn as much as you can, then the following links may help.

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