SUP user guide: getting started, progressing and finding adventure.

Even as October 2020 rolls around the thirst for stand up paddle boarding remains. Plenty of riders have stuck with it and are continuing to enjoy their time afloat. It’s not all without a few errors along the way, however. Hold the paddle the wrong way round, slotting fins in back to front, putting wetsuits on backward and so on. But why would anyone know, if they haven’t been told?

Our friends over at McConks SUP published their SUP user guide earlier in the year. This is aimed to help all those newbie stand up paddle boarders and getting them progressing and having fun quickly. From the initial ‘what’s in the bag’ article right through to basic stand up paddle boarding strokes and important safety considerations.

The McConks SUP user guide.

The McConks SUP user guide has also recently been updated with additional info, pics, videos and links. All in it’s a useful little series that demystifies some of what stand up paddle boarding’s about. And we reiterate: to the seasoned watersportist the meat of the McConks SUP user guide may seem obvious. But most new SUPers don’t come from an associated background so it isn’t for them.

As we move into UK winter some paddlers may be hanging their gear up and waiting it out until spring. The McConks SUP user guide could therefore provide some fireside reading for gleaning essential info, ready for that next SUP session.

Head across to McConks SUP to read their user guide here. And stay tuned for more essential paddling progression articles coming soon from them!

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