What do I do now I have this stand up paddle board thing?

With UK summer holidays in full swing there are still plenty of newbie stand up paddle boarders coming into the fold. And there are big numbers of SUPers, having newly acquired equipment earlier in the year, yet to actually get their gear wet – for various reasons.

One of those points is not actually being 100% confident with what should be happening. From actual set up of (and we’re talking mainly inflatable stand up paddle boards here) to taking those first forays into the world of SUP. It’s a confusing scenario if the rider in question doesn’t come from a watersports background. And many don’t.

Have SUP – now what?

Our friends over at McConks SUP put together the SUP User Guide earlier in 2021 with the aim of educating new stand up paddle boarders in the ways of SUP. Whilst there’s a big dollop of McConks SUP branding around the user guide many of the articles – featuring tips, tricks and hacks – are very much applicable to anyone who’s recently purchased an inflatable stand up paddle board set up. There’s loads of info within the user guide with more to be added as an ongoing exercise. If anyone has any specific queries, however, feel free to message us.

Hit the link below to discover the McConks SUP User Guide –

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