WindSUP – for breezy autumn/winter fun!

Back at stand up paddle boarding’s inception, there was quickly a rush to make stand up paddle boards even more versatile. With many windsurfing brands adopting SUP it made sense to have the boards accommodate a windsurfing rig. And so windSUP was born.

Kids learning to windurf in windSUP mode.

Essentially windSUPing is just what windsurfing was back in the good ole days. As in cruising round in non-planing conditions ala longboard style. WindSUP boards are also used by many windsurf coaches as a teaching aid. And riders with a penchant for waves can often be seen heading out for a few surf slides when the breeze is lighter.

For anyone into whirling and twirling there always a bit of lightwind freestyle to mess about with. This is another way to improve your windsurfing muscle memory and overall sailing skills.

With a large influx of newbie stand up paddle boarders during the last 18 months there’ll be a good many wanting to explore other avenues of the sport. Some may straddle across to windy disciplines, looking for ways to maximise time afloat on blowy days.

Inflatable windsurf/windSUP boards are a good choice for all wind riders.

If your stand up paddle board has a rig attachment option then it’s poised to get you following the ways of the sail. Riders can learn all those fundamental windsurfing skills no problem aboard a windSUP.

For anyone thing wingsurfing’s more to their taste then this is also doable on a floaty stand up paddle board. Inflatable a wing and riding the breeze this way will develop an understanding of wing handling. should you then want to add a foil you already have the foundational skills in place.

The McConks Go Free 9’8 – windSUP it AND paddle it!

All in windSUP is worth a look as the blowy season rolls on. We’re not suggesting anybody head out into conditions they’re not comfortable with. But likewise, there’s no reason not to add another feather to your cap.

For more windy related knowledge check out the following link –

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