Have paddle & board = get gone. SUP and travel, the best of friends.

Outdoor recreational activities such as surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and more recently stand up paddle boarding certainly inspire the spirit of adventure and spark interest as to what’s around the next bend. Be it near or far away travel and SUP are best of friends. Whether that’s using your board to discover new spots or spreading your wings further and travelling to new stand up paddling locations to see what’s on offer there.

We hardly need reminding that recently SUP travel has been tricky. COVID and associated restrictions have put paid to many a SUP sojourn – even in our own backyards. Prior to the pandemic overseas destinations were all ripe for the plucking, as far as SUP goes. During 2020 getting gone in the UK was off the menu for most, let alone leaving on a jet plane. At time of writing, however, the future’s looking brighter…

Whilst global destinations still may be a limited menu the summer ahead for 2021 is looking a lot dandier for heading off on a domestic SUP travel mission. And actually, when you stop and think, there are so many places in our own backyard that we just don’t know about or are yet to discover.

One slight issue with SUP travel is the influx of newbie paddlers, with a large % not having prior watersports experience, aren’t sure where to go for a dabble with a paddle. Of course, the obvious locations, such as popular beaches and such spring to mind. But there’s more to SUP put ins than just sandy coastal venues. Quiet nooks and crannies that are out of the way exist. Whilst some rivers, canals, lakes and lochs have access points suitable for stand up paddlers.

As with everything knowledge is power. You may want to paddle at that headline coastal beach yet whilst you may appreciate what to expect from a land lubbers point of view you could be a little hazy in terms of SUP options on water and how to interpret weather conditions for said spot. Info is therefore welcome which is why you’ll find a bunch of SUP travel guides designed with this very thing in mind over on SUPHub partner website McConks.com.

These bitesize SUP travel guides are there to help, inform and hopefully inspire you to check out somewhere new for stand up paddle boarding. It might put you out of your comfort zone to head ‘over the other side of the fence’ but you’ll be glad you did – even if only once or twice.

As humans, we’re programmed to explore and find new pastures. Stand up paddle boards are great vehicles to enhance these sojourns and (literally) elevate your SUP travel experiences. The versatility of SUP just adds to the mix, making sure you’ll be able to make use of whatever watery conditions you find upon arrival.

Hopefully, the positive progress continues, as far as COVID’s concerned, and we’ll all enjoy a great summer of SUP. If you get to travel to paddle then big up. There’s no question new paddle horizons will lift your spirit and broaden your existing breadth of paddle boarding knowledge. Cheers to a new season!

Be sure to check out the following list of bitesize SUP travel guides by hitting the link below –

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